the doggy lama

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The very first dog trainer I worked with gave me a great gift. He said, “I want people to love your dog for his behavior, not for his looks.”

Bartleby was a ‘Basselmation.” To put it simply, he was a pretty odd-looking dog, People sometimes just pointed and laughed. Gene Weingarten, of the Washington Post, calls him a ‘Dalmadillo.’

He got so much attention over the years, I learned how easy it is to let dogs get away with unwanted behaviors because they are so cute…or so affectionate…or so big…or so teeny…or so old or…you name the excuse.

It is these excuses that encourage inconsistent discipline, confused energy and the kinds of frustration that leads to problems in the home and on the street.

My coaching philosophy is designed to make it even easier to teach your dog how to give you the behaviors you want, when you need them.

To make the most of your dog’s capabilities, your personalities, and your life together, you need the 3 Ps.

Too many people expect to struggle with their dogs. It’s just as easy though, to focus on what you want with high expectations of what your dog can accomplish. When you head out onto the street and into the park knowing that your dog can be great, he or she is bound to be!

The truth is, if you don’t understand how your dog’s mind works, you can’t expect good behavior. No matter how much we consider them little people, our pets simply can’t think the way we do. The fact is, the only one who has the brainpower to lead in your pet relationship is you! This means helping your dog to comprehend what you want, rather than being frustrated that he or she “just doesn’t listen.”

I can teach you how to understand what your dog is saying and how to communicate with him or her more effectively; most often without words.

Most importantly, life with your dog will become so much richer and more comfortable when you learn a few simple rules…and that the rules are always the rules. Your dog only comprehends ‘always’ and ‘never’. ‘Sometimes’ translates into ‘whenever the pooch wants.’

Isn’t it true that it is easy to comply with standards like safety regulations, codes of conduct and employment guidelines when they are clearly laid out for you?

Well, your dog desperately wants a job. All dogs do. That is the way of dogdom. As pack animals in the wild, they are always clear about roles and responsibilities. Since your dog lives in a small pack, rather than migrating with a horde, she needs your support and guidance to do the job she most wants to do… to please you!